Chapter-by-Chapter in Hebrews

Every New Testament letter is written for a purpose; some to encouage, some  to persuade, some to warn, but always to influence. Each letter has a rhetorical style, a flow of thought, an argument meant to persuade and win the reader to a new way of thinking and acting in light of the gospel message. […]

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The Fight of our Lives

Our study in Hebrews will usher us into both the Greek and Hebrew world of what it means to be “educated” , “mature”, a whole person, a “good citizen”.  The author often turns to the language of competition and athletic contest to illustrate these spiritual virtues. These examples also illustrate a remarkable  understanding of both Classical Greek educational values and the Hebrew […]

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“To the Hebrews”

The Author and the Audience Before we begin our study, it is helpful to consider what we can discern about the document itself. Who was the author, and what can we now about him? Who read this letter? For what purpose was it written?  Each of these questions provide valuable insight as we try to engage […]

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